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Give a review on upcoming Fifa worldcup in Qatar

Give a review on upcoming Fifa worldcup in Qatar

The FIFA world cup or general the International world cup started in 1930 from that time it held after every four years under the sports governing body of FIFA. FIFA has definitely been one of the popular game worldwide and still is. Back in 2018, the FIFA trophy holder country was France. Football has a special corner in the hearts of almost everyone. That’s why it is known that FIFA is the most watched and loved game all over the world. Even the Olympic games didn’t have such love by the audience that FIFA have.

Previously, almost 17 countries have held FIFA world tournament. Which included Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, England, Argentina, South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Uruguay and Mexico where the has held twice. Now the news have roaming and to some extent are true that the upcoming FIFA tournament which is in 2022, is going to held in Qatar. Which is definitely a big deal. Some people have also said the wheel have moved to 10 years back.

The story behind this is, 10 years ago Qatar personally asked FIFA governing bodies to avail this offer. But unfortunately, they denied. Which was quiet embarrassing. Now 10 years after the FIFA governing bodies have decided to held 2022 FIFA tournament in the same country they once had rejected.
According to the inside news, a team of 37 members of FIFA have decided to expand the teams from 32 to 48 and to conduct the tournament in more gulf state. Back in time Sep Balter took out the name of Qatar from the list due to numerous reasons. But this time in 2022 match will held in Qatar due to numerous reasons. It is also reported that from Qatar the tournament will move to United States, Canada and Mexico. And with that Mexico will complete its distinction by conducting 3 times FIFA Worldcup in the history.

Coming towards the topic, Qatar was chosen some good reasons. As there are 8 stadiums in 5 municipalities. In giving the name for Qatar, there was a big role of coaches of Chelsea, Real Madrid, United States and Manchester. Who acknowledged that the distance between all these stadiums were relatively lesser. Which would be beneficial for the players and the viewers as well. In contrast to other countries, Qatar will be one of the most friendly tournament in modern time and will be a great source for advertisement and public support and love. FIFA president on Paris took this decision of expansion of teams form 32 to 48 in the FIFA world. It is said that the bad blood between UEFA and FIFA can be settle down for the sake of this Qatar 2022 tournament. Though it still is bringing some major challenges as the FIFA governing bodies have chosen quantity over quality. Which is definitely a major and hard step to take. Though the soccer mad citizen of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain are strictly prohibited by their government to attend the very first regional tournament of FIFA.