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How to start a beauty and make-up channel on social media?

How to start a beauty and make-up channel on social media?

Make-up and beauty tips have been the talk of the town since the beginning of dawn, every person needs the validation and the confidence to look a certain way and be able to express themselves in the most “them” way possible. This is why your idea to start up such a channel is one hell of a brilliant one. Did you know already hundreds of beauty influencers are earning a fortune through their channels? Some of them now even have their own cosmetic line such as Many Mua, Jeffree Star, and James Charles. Let’s begin!


Make-up is something everyone is fond of on Instagram, but now there are trends, dos and don’ts that define a good make-up skill. You need to know make-up to start a good makeup tutorial channel. Being aware of the basics is not enough whatsoever.


Since it is a channel, everything is a visual game, thus you need to make sure that you are well equipped other than your best make-up products, obviously. You would be requiring a catchy background. Most of the bloggers either showcase their bedrooms, which is again, well set and gives off a nice home-y vibe while others use a nice printed fabric. You can even leave your pet roaming around in the room to give off a warm feel.

Camera is something that is believed to be the most important aspect to prove quality of the content. Make sure you are backed up by a credible camera with high resolution because even the viewers click away if they encounter a bad quality picturization.

Lighting is a leading aspect in the field of beauty blogging, you are working with colors, contours, cut-creases and what not, and all of these minute details need to be showed as they are originally or there is no use of your channel anyway. Most such bloggers make use of a ring light.

A theme

Channel holders need to make a theme to individualize themselves, such as a different signature to differentiate you from the rest. This can be a catchy intro, like a few specific welcoming words you say, or the song that play. Almost all of the reputable channel have a theme song and visual animated visual of themselves as their introduction. You also need to be consistent with the theme you follow, as this will become your identity.

Spread the word

Finally, spread the word. Popularity on the social sites is something that defines the success of the professional, not mere skills. You require to be well known around on all social sites and not only the one you are posting tutorials on. This allows you to create updates about your next upcoming video post to get your viewers excited and anticipate your content. You need to add links to all of your social sites on each of your social sites so more people can find you and follow you everywhere. Also a great way in the very beginning is to ask your friends and family to spread the word, and telling them to subscribe and follow.

The process of make-up blogging has a lot of scope if you deal with it critically, but do not forget to have fun in the way. Goodluck!