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What Is an Instagram Video View and how Instagram measure video view

What Is an Instagram Video View and how Instagram measure video view

Primarily Instagram was an image sharing app but later Instagram introduced the video feature on its app. In the year 2016, Instagram launched its new feature called Instagram stories that has become the most popular feature of this platform. Now people can post their videos in standard post, live videos, share videos in stories and even send video in direct messaging.

The good thing is that Instagram increases the video length and now you can add the one-minute long video. But people are wondering that how Instagram measure the video views and how it ranks the viewer list on the Instagram stories. In this article, we will discuss how Instagram algorithm works when it comes to measure Instagram views on videos. Let’s get into it!

Instagram Video:

Instagram was founded nine years ago and it became popular in very short time. User can share the short form videos while long-form videos can be uploaded on IGTV. On Instagram story, user can post 60-sec video while image story is 10-sec long. Unlike Instagram stories, videos on Instagram don’t fizzle out in 24 hours. Your Instagram page videos remain on your profile until you remove it. Nowadays, Instagram videos are more popular than images on this platform. Here, we will discuss how Instagram’ algorithm works and how it measure the video views.

How Instagram Measuring Views:

buy instagram followersThese days, marketers prefer to spend money on the video advertisement as people love to watch and get engage with video on Instagram even more than GIFs and photos. The more number of views on the videos is the sign of successful marketing campaign on Instagram. But do you know how this mega-popular platform measure the video views and rank them? Actually, the more video views is not only shows how much your Instagram marketing campaign successful but also measure the follower’ engagement of your followers. The simple rule is that Instagram counts a video view then the user watch a video for 3 or more than 3 seconds. The reason is that the users’ engagement shows that people are taking interest in the video.

There are a lot of theories are speculating about the multiple views. Some experts says that when the user watches a video for a multiple times then Instagram counts it as one view. While some experts say that Instagram video views is counted multiple times when the same user view the video multiple times. Even you can also get a video view when you view your own video. You can also check who view your video and like it as well but you can’t get the insight that who view your video for more than once. On Instagram, video plays automatically when user are scrolling down the news feed. On the other hand, Instagram story video doesn’t play automatically and when the user open it then you will get a video view. You must post engaging and interesting content that compels the audience to view the full video in order to get more Instagram video views.